Hey there, thanks for being interested enough in my life to have a peek at this little blog of mine.

As some of you may know, I am currently on my Gap Year and I wanted a space to keep people updated on where I am and what I’m doing as I embark on some pretty cool adventures. I’ve also been wanting to write a blog for ages, to share stories and pictures with anyone who would be intrigued to see the world through my eyes and my words. I want to avoid this blog becoming a generic cliché, but I genuinely do feel that when I write down some of what’s in my head it’s so much easier to express.

So first thing’s first, what’s with the name?

Well, I debated this for a while and settled on Chaser of the Light…

Blog names do tend to come under the indie-with-a-hint-of-cheese variety, but I wanted to call mine something that actually reflected a bit of who I am regardless of its cheese rating. If you know me, you’ll know I like taking photos. I may not be a pro, but I enjoy capturing stuff on my camera. You’ll probably also know that I’m a Christian. So, Chaser of the Light made a lot of sense to me, as someone who loves to photograph beautiful things and tries to live life pursuing the light and hope I have found in Jesus.



So now to my Gap Year plans:

GAP YAH part one (January – March)

I am excited to say that in January I will be heading off to the beautiful, hot country of Ghana (meaning Warrior King).


I am taking part in a rather cool programme called International Citizen Service (ICS). ICS is a government-funded scheme allowing young people from the UK to make a sustainable impact fighting poverty in developing countries alongside other young people from the host country . I will be spending 3 months in Ghana working with a local development organisation and staying with a host family within the community I work in. My specific charity placement is yet to be confirmed; however, these are some of the things International Service focus on in their Ghanaian ICS placements:

Promoting the rights and freedoms of women and people living with disabilities, conducting awareness-raising campaigns on HIV or malaria, delivering sexual health and education projects, developing cooperatives for farmers, and paving the way to Fair Trade status for communities. To see some of International Service’s past ICS Projects, visit here: http://www.internationalservice.org.uk/work_with_us/our-projects/ghana_projects.html. I’ll put a post up when I know what my placement will be, which will be around a month/two before I leave.

Not only is what I get to do pretty great, but the whole thing is actually FREE.

Yup, that’s right. Three months abroad doing really awesome stuff… for free.


ICS is funded by the UK government, so that it is open to anyone no matter their financial background. Volunteers are simply asked to fundraise to promote awareness of ICS and contribute to the work of the scheme.

My fundraising target is £1,500 (a rather small amount considering the amazing opportunity), and I must raise this in order to go out to Ghana. This money is NOT going towards my flights, my visa, my accommodation, food or anything else to do with me. The money I raise goes to the ICS organisation to enable them to continue their work, in particular funding young people from Ghana to work along side UK volunteers so that development can be sustained from within the country. I will be doing fundraising activities and events before I go in January, so keep your eyes peeled for things you may be interested to come along to! If you feel like you’d like to support me in this fundraising venture, I have a Just Giving page (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/RoseannaLeach) and your support really would mean a whole lot, so thank you so much in advance to anyone who does give!

My plans are coming together for the another adventure later in the year, so look out for a post on part two of my GAP YAH-ING shenanigans when it’s all  finalised.

I’ll try my best to keep y’all updated when I’m away (internet-dependent).

I shall leave you with my recently acquainted friend Tyler Knott Gregson, whose poetry I discovered due to the name of his most famous collection: Chasers of the Light. This poem from his Typewriter Series is a particular favourite of mine, and shall be my  official Gap Yah poem.

Over and out.


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